Frequently Asked Questions #20

Juice Bar

I hear you’re going to carry CBD products and drinks?
Yes, sometime in March.

Where’s the snowman?
We sold it.

Why did you sell it?
She really wanted it. It made her happy.

Is there a no-small talk rule?
No, but small talk is discouraged. Anything that trains people to be superficial and to not listen is discouraged because it makes them disengaged and vacant.

I heard the owner wrote a racist crossword puzzle for customers to solve.  Is there a link to it?
Yes, here it is:

Finish it and you get a $20 gift card!

Why did he write it?
To show solidarity with New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz, who got in trouble for using the word “beaner” — the baseball term — in crossword puzzle.  His response was: a legitimate word is a legitimate word — like “chink” in the armor — and people should stop getting distracted by White noise (no pun intended).

How have customers done on it?
Police officers do the best on it, by far. Then Black customers and those from East Coast.  Those from Seattle are very innocent when it comes to slurs.


Why do conservatives hate Universal Basic Income (ubi), even though it’s a conservative idea (that liberals love)?  
Some conservatives have forgotten that conservatives should enjoy giving money to the poor as much as liberals do.  The difference  is that conservatives get pissed when the giving is done inefficiently and ineffectively, which is what happens with welfare programs.  UBI just gives without overhead cost of administrators, social workers, etc. A team of two IT professionals could run the program.

Will UBI improve people’s diets? 
I don’t know.  It might reduce emotional eating that comes from stress, but it won’t change people’s diets because people eat what they want to eat.  Even if reduced emotional eating happens, it’ll  probably be temporary because people will adjust and figure out new ways to stress themselves out.

Then why support UBI?
Those who don’t want to work shouldn’t work. It’s more productive and cost-efficient to replace them with robots.  And I don’t want to see those who don’t work homeless and committing petty crimes.

I hear you’re writing another novel, Paradise Frost.  What’s it about?
It’s a retelling of Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Divine Comedies and features Satan as Santa and North Pole as Hell.  It explores sins we consider or dress as benign habits, such as sentimentality, virtue signaling, etc.  Here’s a link to the first chapter:

Paradise Frost, Chapter One: Santa is Satan

Link to Chapter 4, where Santa introduces himself with a rap monologue: Santa Raps (warning: misogynistic material)

Do you need an editor?
Yes, but more for this and another blog we’d like to publish.  Let us know if you know of an editor with manuscript preparation experience.




1 thought on “Frequently Asked Questions #20

  1. My Fox Nooze (@FoxMarks_ATX)

    Since I’m not really into sports I’m clueless as to why the word “beaner” would upset anybody. I also find it funny since I’m an accountant and people call us “bean counters”. I never found that offensive or (???) racist. (O.o)

    I learned something new. Universal Basic Income (UBI). I’m not against any welfare program if it is managed properly and provides assistance to those who truly need the help, i.e. “the real poor”. Jesus had compassion and showed mercy to the poor and taught His disciples to do so. He’s my example as far as “the right thing to do”. Conservative? Liberal? Who cares?

    We were required to read excerpts of Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Divine Comedies in high school. (I graduated HS in 1972.) I would be curious to read a retelling.

    What a strange blog post. It defies everything that I was told blog posts should be. It bounced to so many different topics I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it but I enjoyed reading it.


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