Alive Juice Bar Food Menu

8 oz. Mini Salads, $3, tax included on all menu prices.

*Chickpea salad: chickpeas, tomato, cucumber, lemon pepper dressing
*Kale salad: kale, apple, hemp hearts, carrot, seasonal fruit (eg. pomegranates), miso dressing
*Beat salad: pickled beets, parmesan

32 oz. Robust Salads, $6, tax included
*Ginger chicken salad: romaine, cucumber, carrots, almonds, pineapple, seasonal fruit, ginger soy dressing
*Tofu chicken salad: romaine, carrots, cucumber, almonds, pineapple, seasonal fruit, ginger soy dressing
*Vietnamese chicken salad: chicken, romaine, cucumber, carrots, almonds, lemon pepper dressing

16 oz. chips, $3

(Chips are made in house).

8 oz. trail mix, $3

Perfect Bars (peanut butter protein bars), $3
*dark chocolate
*peanut butter

Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate, $3

8 oz. pineapple penises, $3

Hempler’s, “no nitrates” uncured landjaeger, $2

“Nuts in a sack” – two organic hard boiled eggs, $2

Ask about fruit platters

Black bean brownie, $3
Vegan and gluten-free, taste and texture just like a dark chocolate brownie.

“Raw” carrot cake, $3
Raw carrot fiber bonded with raw honey, ginger-lemon-almond frosting. And a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Leftovers, 24 oz microwaveable containers. Keep lid on, heat for 3 minutes. Most meals come with curry brown rice and beans and at least 3 types of veggies.

  • Peppercorn Salmon $8
  • Chicken Teriyaki $6
  • Lemon Pepper Cilantro Chicken $6
  • Chicken Satay $6
  • Corned Beef Hash $8
  • Mapo Tofu $6
  • Chinese food $6
  • Redneck food $6 or $8

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