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Paradise Frost, Chapter Two: Bathsheba, Queen Mother of the Elves

Bathsheba knew what to do to become Queen Mother of the Elves.
“It’s the same game on Earth and whatever place of Hell I’m taken to,” she confidently told herself as she settled into her new home.

Bathsheba’s confidence was well earned. She became the earthly Queen Mother of Israel by seducing and getting knocked up by King David, which forced him to send her husband Uriah the Hittite to the front battle lines in hopes he’d get killed (and he did) to hide what happened. Once settled into the royal court as one of eight of the king’s wives, she was able to position her son Solomon as heir to the throne by getting rid of the two eldest sons by guiding them into fatal hostilities with each other.

And some of you thought Bathsheba was a wallflower who got lucky in her earthly life.  No, why do think she’s in Hell? God doesn’t do arbitrary justice, he knows what the fuck is going on. Most people don’t get to be Queen Mother of anything without committing atrocities, and she committed many of them without soiling her hands.  That ability to get others to do dirty work for her is what makes her formidable and remarkable.  Nobody notices her intentions, ever.

King David watching Bathsheba taking a bath. You think she didn’t know he was watching? 

Her intention, as always, is to match a man’s lust with her greed. Hell is Earth on repeat.