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Frankendog: Lurid Tails of Horror, Macabre, and Mayhem (Synopsis)

Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s great great-granddaughter, Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, finds Sleazy Slavic Dickhead and his dog barely alive on the side of a road because they were hit by a car-full of reckless teenagers. Instead of calling for an ambulance, she takes them to her basement lab and stitches them together to create Frankendog, part human, part dog, all Dickhead.  Frankendog eventually escapes the sadistic Dr. Frankenstein to search for the teenagers who left him for dead. Once he finds them, horror, macabre, and mayhem ensues as he exacts his revenge in the most bestial and deviant ways imaginable.  Pornographers Marquis de Sade and Georges Bataille would be appalled.

Will there be other hybrid monstrosities? Will there be a face-off against a psycho cat?  What sort of sexual perversions occur?  Will there be gratuitous violence?  Will Frankendog suck his own dick, as dogs are wont to do?  Will his dick be human or dog?  Find out, chapter 1, coming soon!