Catering Menu

We can accommodate the diverse dietary needs of your guests: from vegan to gluten-free, low-fat to South Beach, paleo to pain-in-the-ass.

Some items we’ve served at events:

Grilled New York strip steak
Avocado salmon bruschetta
Shrimp arugula salad
Honey carrot balls w/almond ginger frosting
Bacon milkshake w/caviar
Carolina style baby back ribs
Coconut hummus in savoy cabbage cup
Tofu satay on a stick
Chilled soba noodles
Chilled black bean noodles
Seaweed salad
Yellowtail sashimi

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Yelp review of catering for bridal shower:

I had Alive Juice Bar cater my bridal shower, and it was the best decision that I ever made. Andrew, the owner, didn’t just send me a menu and say “pick off of this generic menu” for the food – he asked me questions about my guest, their dietary restrictions, what image I would like to portray to the guests, how formal/informal the event is, etc. He puts SO much more thought into the event than any other caterer I have ever worked with before. Based on the answers that I provided to the questions he asked, he sent me a sample menu (and tried to keep the selections as fresh and seasonable as possible). Let me tell you – I was so impressed with the creativity and thought put into it.

Day of the event, he shows up to my mother’s house with everything prepped and ready to cook on-site. It was absolutely AMAZING! He surprised me by bringing everyone their own young coconut and slicing them open on site so that everyone had fresh coconuts to drink from – it was SUCH a great addition to such a hot Seattle day! He brought a wide selection of foods, and made some of the most amazing, interesting foods that I never would have though of before (guacamole bruschetta topped with salmon roe – SO DELICIOUS). After several more delicious courses, he finished off the afternoon with honey-glazed ribs that he finished cooking on-site. Oh. My. God. The meat was just FALLING off the bone, and the sauce was so incredible. Those definitely didn’t last long because everyone was just devouring them.

I am already a huge fan of the juice bar itself for the delicious, healthy smoothies and juice, but I am now SUCH A FAN of the catering that Andrew is able to provide. If you are going to throw an event and need catering, DEFINITELY call Andrew and talk to him about food. It will be the best decision you ever made.

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