From Yelp:

“Rude. Rude rude rude…:

“He really is a Pig!”

“Quite possibly the worst call in experience in my entire life.”

“Okay, so this place is completely insane. Sorry, Andrew, but you are batshit crazy.”

“I’d give no star if I could. The Check in offer is rude & crude & just plain inappropriate for a business that deals with the public.”

“Things can get dysfunctional at times…”

“I like going to Alive Juice Bar, despite the music, the sound of the blenders, and the frequency of customer ejections.”

“…this was the most psychotic experience I’ve ever had.”

“THE WORST PLACE EVER.  He said he can’t serve us because he doesn’t like us!”

“It is true that the service is a tad bit abrasive, and takes getting used to just like the food.”

“The owner is…not a lot of “warm & fuzzy…”

“…pretentious prick told me to go to Jamba Juice.”

“This place is…super weird.”

“I HATE this place so much my pussy hair is turning gray.”

“It’s infuriating to see these kind of things taking place.”

“This place is an oasis from our decayed society – a safe haven for misanthropists so to speak.”

“So… the owner claims to not serve assholes, but he was kinda acting like one behind the counter.”

“Owner was telling new employee to call customers ‘motherfucker’.”

“This place isn’t for everyone.  I think that’s their point.”

“The awful owner told my son that the snowman will bite off his penis…he has nightmares now!”

“…this place is strange.  I had a smoothie which was fine, but yea, the customer service is terrible.”

“Although the juice is fine, among at least 5 different people that I interacted only one of them was actually nice. They rest were more like “Why are you here”. Especially once I was about to leave because when I walked to the counter and gave them my order, nobody looked at my face and the guy (without making eye contact) said “Just yell it out and we’ll make it ready” with a frustrated facial expression followed by a sigh.”

“My review can’t even begin to explain what a jerk this guy is – I can’t believe anyone goes back..”

“I’m more mad I didn’t get that monkey face middle finger thing.”