Weekday Routine @Alive Juice Bar

Weekday Routine at Alive Juice Bar

Guidelines for employees.

Breakfast Shift

Dump ice bin bucket
Fill ice bin 5x
Take out trash
Scrape juice filter
Put together juicers
Open and count register
Turn on warmer oven Rice and beans on
Mop front lobby

Open store 6.00-7.00
Prep mise-en-scene
Start/Finish rice and beans
Yams in warmer oven
Prep soups/rice/beans
Take customer orders (3-5)

Finish soups Package/start chips/bread
Prep meals (10)
Check e-mail
Review intentory
Prep for salads/sauces/dressing
Finish soups and rice and beans
Take customer orders (20-30)

Second shift arrives @10
Wash dishes
Take customer orders (10-12)

Lunch Shift
Third shift arrives @11
First shift gets groceries, 11.00-noon
Prep/package whatever needs to be made
Take customer orders (50-70, lunch rush 11am-1pm)
First shift off at 1pm
Second shift off at 4pm

Dinner Shift
Fourth shift arrives @4.00
Fifth shift arrives @5.00
Take customer orders (30-50)
Prep and package chips/salads/pie/etc/
Replenish soups/rice and beans

8.oo-9.00 Sweep entire store, including back and bar
Wipe down all prep tables except for main; customers tables
Wash dishes, front and back
Take out garbage
Fifth shift leaves @9.00
Take customer orders (6-10)

Break down juicer @9.40
Wipe down remaining prep tables
Credit card settlement
Take customers (4-6) until store is closed, and not at listed closing time

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