Kale chip recipe

Of the 3 chips we offer, kale is the easiest to make at home.  Here’s the “recipe.”

  • Separate leaves from stem.
  • Place on tray.  Spray olive oil, add cracked sea salt and peppercorn.
  • Place in oven at 190 degrees.   For how long, we don’t know because we don’t time cook our chips and at 190 degrees, it’ll take at least 4 hours before they burn.  I’d guess one and a half to two hours.  We know it’s ready when it smells, feels, and looks right.

Variations include adding crushed garlic, chopped onions, vinegar…possibilities are endless.

The key — and you’ll hear about this from us over and over again — is to keep the temperature below 200 degrees.  Many customers are burning their kale chips because they’re following recipes that call for ~300 degrees, ~20 cook time.   It doesn’t make sense to cook them at a temperature above 200 degrees because moisture content of kale varies from batch to batch and recipes that require precision make cooking stressful for most.

We tell customers to keep the temperature low and wait for it to finish by walking the dog, watching a movie, working out, mowing the lawn, whatever gets their mind off of the chips.  Cooking shouldn’t be stressful, it ought to be fun.

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