Vision, Mission, and Value Statements

At some point, we’ll add “helping Americans reduce their grocery bills and waste by 40%.”  One step at a time.

Vision Statement:
To help individuals achieve and sustain their lifestyle goals and to make healthy living an affordable and accessible option to all.

Mission Statement
To provide health and price conscious customers nutritionally dense, diverse, and satisfying meals made and served by sincere and knowledgeable staff. To reclaim and preserve American immigrant narratives about food and health and use them to transform and elevate American cuisine.

Value Statement
We are continually seeking challenges and are not afraid to take risks and to make mistakes.  We compete against and learn from the best and won’t settle for anything less than being the best .  We strive to make our customers enthusiastic about our products.  Our goal is to improve the quality of lives, and not to make people live the ideal life.

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