Training Manual Part III: Employee Test

  1. Customer walks in (you don’t know his name).  How do you greet him?
    a) Hey!
    b) Hello sir, how are you this evening?
    c) Wussup, fuckface?
  2. The bus shows up 10 minutes late, making you 10 minutes late to work.  Whose fault is it that you’re late?
    a) Bus driver’s
    b) Traffic’s
    c) My fault
  3. Customer greets you with: “Hi, how are you?”  How do you respond?  
    a) I’m doing very well.  How are you?
    b) What do you want?
    c) I’m making rice and beans.  Try some!
  4. Your co-worker moved something to wrong place and you know it’s in the wrong place.  Manager asks why it’s in the wrong place.  How do you respond?
    a) She put it there, not me.
    b) I don’t know, no idea how it got there.
    c) I’ll move it.
  5. Owner teaches you to make something one way.  Manager teaches you to do it another way. You’re working with the manager, owner is watching.  Whose way do you follow?  
    a) Manager’s
    b) Owner’s
    c) Do your own thing, show them you’re a superstar!
  6. Jane walks in and orders two 32 oz jars of juice, which will take you 15 minutes to make.  Jared walks in immediately after she places her order and orders a small juice, which takes 2 minutes to make.  Sam enters immediately after Jared places his order and orders a smoothie, which takes 30 seconds to make, whom do you serve first?
    a) Jane
    b) Jared
    c) Sam
  7. Cassie’s daughter is throwing ice cubes at other customers.  What do you do?
    a) Tell them to “get the fuck out.”
    b) Politely ask Cassie to tell her daughter to stop
    c) Throw ice cubes at them.
  8. You’re the principal of the school.  You visit a class where students are either goofing off or sleeping.  What do you do?
    a) Tell everyone who doesn’t pay attention will get failing grade for the day.
    b) Don’t do anything.  Privately tell teacher that he sucks at teaching, that’s why nobody is listening.
    c) Explain to students why it’s important for them to pay attention to their teachers.
  9. You’re sampling drinks.  How do you say to get someone to try one?
    a) “Hi, would you like to try this?
    b) “Try this.”
    c) “Drink this or I’ll hit you.”
  10. You notice someone checking out your ass as you’re making drink.  What should you do?
    a) Continue as usual
    b) Tell him to stop because it’s making you uncomfortable.
    c) Wiggle it.
  11. Your car battery dies so you’re late for work.  Whose fault is it you’re late?
    a) Nobody, sometimes shit happens
    b) The battery’s.
    c) My fault
  12. Customer asks you what’s the most popular drink.  How do you respond?
    a) Tell him what you think is most popular.
    b) Ask him which flavors he prefers.
    c) Ask the manager to answer his question.
  13. As you’re focused on a complicated order, condescending customer tells you that you should smile more if you want a tip.  How do you respond?
    a) “I’m sorry, I’m having a bad day.”
    b) Smile more.
    c) Ask her if she’d like a side order of “Fuck Off” to go with her order.
  14. Customer who doesn’t know what to order asks you what your favorite drink is.  How do you respond?
    a) Tell him your favorite drink
    b) Ask him which flavors he prefers
    c) Tell him you’ll tell him if he tips you $10.
  15. What matters most to MOST customers when buying something to eat?
    a) taste
    b) cost
    c) how healthy it is.
  16. What’s the appropriate way to talk to co-worker?
    a) Hey, would you mind getting me some beets when you get a chance?
    b) Hey fucktard, get me some beets or I’ll hit you.
    c) Get beets now.







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