Moving to New Location

Same complex, five doors down, sometime in June (hopefully).  There’ll be three businesses in the location: Alive Juice Bar, a vintage clothing store The Privileged Poor, and a dance studio, tentatively named Yuliya’s Dance.

The new location will enhance store visibility, expand customer parking options, and improve efficiency of juice bar operations.  The interior will be more spacious and sensible in design.  There will be bar seating.  There will still be graffiti in the bathrooms (two). The build-out will be done by professionals, not by me, so expect a more professional look.  The customized infrastructure will allow the juice bar to expand menu offerings and to provide better service.

The motif that ties together the three businesses: the struggle to reclaim American immigrant heritages. The relative youthfulness of the American nation is the origin of its strength, ingenuity, and resilience. It is also America’s most troubling source of weakness, tempting its citizens to become arrogant, ignorant, and complacent. The search for immigrant heritages will provide the checks — time tested wisdom — against the excesses and short-mindedness typical of a young nation.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the build-out.

For more information on the vintage clothing store, check out The Privileged Poor blog.  And the blog for Yuliya’s Dance.

2 thoughts on “Moving to New Location

  1. Adah

    Hopefully you can get some better employees when you move. I bought 3 red hydrators today, along with some food. The two dudes behind the bar were involved in watching some sports event on a screen and as a result were totally distracted. I had a bad feeling as I watched them argue over what ingredients and how much of them to put in the drink. First they put in oranges. The watermelon was an afterthought. They dumped in a huge amount of carrot juice. It was clear that they could have cared less how the drink turned out, and honestly it tasted like crap–a total waste of my money. They were friendly, but totally inept. I preferred it when you had rude, bitchy servers who knew how to prepare the juices.


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