Frequently Asked Questions Part VI

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What the fuck are we listening to?
A fight on a bus that’s driving through San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Aren’t you worried about people not paying off their tabs?
No.  That’s between customer and God. We have enough to worry about.

There’s so much information about health and nutrition, politics of food, agriculture, environment.  Which sources do you rely on?
Variety of conflicting sources, including Voltaire Network;  Russia Today (Russian propaganda in response to US propaganda); China Daily (lots of censorship, but most reliable for facts and accuracy); independent journalists such as Lizzie Phelan.

What’s in the “Really Weird Shit”?
Examples include duck tongue, chicken feet, and pig uterus.  We’re looking into insects like grasshopper.

What’s the point of the “Weird Shit” and “Really Weird Shit”?
Reminds customers what’s possible when it comes to food.  It pushes us to expand our palates and to consider more eco friendly alternatives. Insects instead of beef, for instance, may be next frontier.

 Can I have her number?  

Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

Are you fucking my boyfriend? 

Why am I bored of my boyfriend? 
Because you’re in love with love.

Why is my kid so screwed up?
You told your kid she could be this or that but failed to prepare her to become that or this.

How do I prepare my kid to work at Alive Juice Bar?
To start with, teach them to choose the right reality.


Is owner being sarcastic…
Owner is rarely sarcastic.  He prefers to be blunt than make hostile jokes that aren’t funny.

Did the owner tell  my kid to drop out of school? 

Is it true that an employee chased down, with a knife, someone who stole her tip jar?
There’s some truth to that.

Is it true an employee kicked a customer in the ass, hard? 
Yes, but she was off hours.

Did employee really ask an annoying customer to show her his penis?
It happens.

Is it true a former employee still has nightmares about working at Alive Juice Bar?Only one?

Is owner trying to open a Vintage clothing store?
Yes, business plan submitted, in negotiations with landlord.



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