Frequently Asked Questions #25

Did someone call the police on the owner while he was in Mexico City?

What did he do? 
None of your business

Did he go to jail?
They didn’t catch him.

So is he a fugitive of Mexico?  
They didn’t catch him.

Is he moving to Mexico? 
Likely, to Guanajuato.  Part-time to begin, like 4 months out of the year.

When would this happen? 
Have 4 years left on this lease.  In 5 years?

What would happen to Alive Juice Bar and The Soup Nazi Kitchen? 
Sell this location and he was offered a space on a farm in Arlington.  It’s a seasonal farm (groceries, canned goods, pumpkins in fall) that’s been bringing in a lot of traffic since the pandemic so he’d be open seasonally.  Farm is on well and septic though, so there’s still a lot of work involved to get the space approved for a restaurant.

Construction and Re-Opening
How’s construction? 
It’s done, all inspections passed.  All that’s left are a few aesthetic details to finish.

When will you re-open? 
Aiming for Saturday March 19th.  Prior, will work on passing Health Inspection, which should be easy to do now that building inspection is passed.

Will you raise prices because of inflation? 
Maybe.  Will continue to play around with recipes to keep costs the same.  Delivery order prices have already been raised.  There’ll be new offerings if recession hits.

Will there be a grand opening?
No.  Owner isn’t a big party type.  Prefers quiet openings and gradual build-up.  Grand openings can create a lot of problems.

Will you expand hours? 
Yes.  Something like:
11-1pm M-F
4-11pm M-F
9am-6pm Sat-Sun

Expect weekday lunch hours.  Will expand hours to 8am-9pm seven days a week once labor shortage is over.

When do you think it’ll be over? 
Looks like the worst is over, more international students are returning to US.  Labor situation should be fine once Covid restrictions end, there’ll be more immigrants.


What new books is owner working on? 
A children’s book, If I were a dancer.  It’s been sitting at 95% done for two months, he’ll finish it before re-opening.  And The customer is always wrong: a guide to good customer service.  Aiming to have that one done before July 4th.  After that, he’ll begin: How to suck your own dick: an Alive Juice Bar guide to men’s health.

Um, what does sucking your own dick have to do with health? 
A man’s ability to suck his own duck is the ultimate sign of good health.  Beer belly means guy can’t do it unless he’s a freak of nature I need to see.  Need to be flexible too, which is another sign of good health.  Goal is to help every guy to at least improve his ability to suck his own dick.  Every centimeter closer to goal is an improvement.

The Soup Nazi Kitchen

Will it be open too? 
Yes, it’s been open before vacation closure.

I can’t find Soup Nazi Kitchen on Facebook, is it on there? 
It is.  But since the word “Nazi” has been banned on Facebook, name has been changed to Soup N-Word Kitchen.  Look it up!

Uh, Soup N-Word Kitchen?
Yeah!  Can you guess which N-word?

Are there going to be protests?  
Aiming for protests in April.

What are its hours? 
Same as Alive Juice Bar hours, until Alive Juice Bar begins opening for breakfast.

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