FAQ about Alive Juice Bar 3.0, downtown Everett

Where did Alive move from?
Shoreline, there for nearly 11 years.

Why did Alive move?
Good vibes from downtown Everett and most people here haven’t been infected with the Woke-Zombie disease spreading from Seattle.

Does Owner piss people off for free publicity?
No, but we’ll take the publicity.

Is the owner racist?
Don’t know.

How many times has the owner been in jail?
Why do you ask?

Why would you work for such a Monster?
Stockholm Syndrome

Is everything organic?
Sixty percent of ingredients are organic. Coconuts and pineapples, for instance, are not. Apples, carrots, kale are.

Is everything made fresh?
Almost everything, nothing from frozen.

Are these your recipes?
Yes, all of them.

Is owner a free speech activist?
No, he believes in censorship. But boundaries should always be negotiated.

What do you mean?
He self-censors — he’s 90 percent transparent, and keeps 10 percent of his work to himself and a few others. He’ll release those works when and if he thinks it’s appropriate to do so.

Can I have a peak?
Sure, he’s working on “Oedipus Jones, that Motherfucker.” It’s an updated retelling of the Story of Oedipus Rex. It’s about a Black boy adopted by a White family who, for fun, name him Oedipus. The story begins with Oedipus bullied by schoolmate taunts of “motherfucker.” That’s as much as you need to know.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we offer free delivery for planned meal orders. Otherwise, Doordash is our preferred delivery vendor.

yam, kale, and beet chips

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