Frequently Asked Questions #22


Is presidential candidate Andrew Yang really going to be hosting a Q and A at Alive Juice Bar on Halloween, as advertised on Facebook? 
What do you think?

Does the owner know he looks and acts like Andrew Yang?

Is he endorsing him? 
No.  But he likes that Yang is an accelerationist candidate and supports providing a basic income to as many as possible.

What does “accelerationist” mean?
Someone who wants to accelerate technological change to achieve positive social changes.  We’re close to having the technology to provide universal healthcare at a low low cost; eliminate hunger; significantly reduce all sorts of fatalities. The barriers to these changes are political and social. A lot of people, for instance, don’t want to give up their jobs to robots. Yang’s proposal may make it easier for people to accept the acceleration of change that’ll be painful at first but hopefully beneficial to society.

Have you read his book “The War on Normal People?”
Yes, and we sell it.  $15, tax included.

What do you think about it?
It’s worth reading if you’re interested in how automation *might* affect society, how we arrived to our present situation, and how we can broker a deal between globalists and nationalists.  Note that I didn’t say that it’s a great book, it’s just worth reading.

Is the owner Andrew Yang’s evil doppelganger?

Heath and Nutrition
How many meals a day should I eat?
It’s up to you.  Listen to your body. Some do well with one meal a day, others with six, mix it up as needed.

How soon should I eat after I get up?
Up to you, listen to your body.  I wait until after morning workout to eat, so around three hours after waking up.

How do I listen to my body?
That’s the conundrum.   Most schooling has taught us to not trust our instincts and to not develop our intuition.  It’s not easy to unlearn the bad habits taught in school, they’ve become normal and natural.

Do sports.  Sports — this includes yoga, pilates, dance — activates instincts and gets you in touch with your body.  Then listen for the dialogue between what your body wants and what your mind has been taught to think.  Next, question every habit and idea that you think is normal and natural.  Below are examples:

  • Is sitting in chair healthier than squatting?
  • Is Western democracy the best form of government for all nations?
  • Should I drink orange juice when I have the flu?
  • Does school make people smarter or dumber?
  • Are polite people good people?

Investigate the debates, it’ll be a mind opening experience.  The more you question your assumptions, the more your instincts will kick in and tell you who is full of shit.

Finally, watch stand-up comedy.  Stand-up comedians are the most intuitive social critics around.  They say what we feel and think intuitively but are afraid to express for fear of offending.  We’ll expand on this in another post.

Russell Peters is one of the most successful stand-up comedians in the world. He says Indians are the cheapest people in the world, Chinese the second cheapest, and Jews the third. You know he’s right. He’s so right, he makes $10 million a year, while the dumbfuck Ethnic Studies professor makes $50 thousand a year.

Health and Exercise
What’s the big deal about exercise?
Exercise doesn’t reduce stress, it makes you inured to it.  Exercise is the act of putting yourself in a stressful environment so that you’ll be better adapted to handle similar situations in your everyday life.  The more stressful the exercise, the better adapted you’ll be to handle stressful events at work and at home.  Exercise also works like chemotherapy: you break down the body and mind so that it can repair itself and become even stronger.  

Why does owner push yoga?
It’s the most efficient, balanced, and complete workout he’s ever experienced, and he’s been working out nearly his entire life, at the competitive sports level and with personal and boxing trainers.

Most workouts aren’t balanced — some neglect stretching and core work, others overemphasize strength training or cardio, and sports training usually focuses on skills.  A power vinyasa class, on the other hand, is where stretching, cardio, core work, strength training, and skills like balance and inversions, are equally and fully treated in one hour.  This efficiency is possible because many Vinyasa poses and flows combine, for instance, elements of strength and endurance training, core work, balance skills, and stretching.  Finally, yoga  is easier on the joints, especially when done on a foam floor.  Make it a hot class if you want to make it more stressful, challenging, and rewarding.

So a walk around Greenlake doesn’t count as exercise?
It does if you’re in terrible shape.  If you’re not breaking a sweat and feeling out of your comfort zone, then it’s not exercise.

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