Business Plan for Alive Juice Bar 3.0, Yuliya’s Dance 2.0, and REDNECK BISTRO and CABARET 1.0

Alive Juice Bar (AJB) opened May 2010 in Shoreline’s Ballinger Village — adjacent to 24 Hour Fitness — as the neighborhood’s first quick service juice bar and only eatery to cater to vegans and non-vegans. In 2015, AJB moved to a 3400 sf storefront (also in Ballinger Village) and added a dance studio to complement the juice bar business. It’s 2019 and AJB is ready to move again for the following reasons:

  • Complex anchor 24 Hour Fitness is moving to new location in Mountlake Terrace and AJB needs to be strategically located to attract 24 Hour Fitness customers.
  • The dance studio is now profitable and needs a larger space with higher ceilings in order to grow.

Alive Juice Bar
AJB’s menu includes:

  • Fresh made juices, smoothies, and protein shakes.
  • Soups and salads
  • Brown rice and beans
  • Snacks (bars, trail mixes)
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Gourmet microwaveable bento bowls, vegan and non-vegan options
  • Baked chips (kale, beets, yam)
  • Desserts such as black bean brownies and “raw” carrot cake

The menu may be expanded to include sandwiches.

Alive Juice Bar would occupy the 1149 sf space and provide seating for ~20 people.  It’d be open from 6am-10pm Mon-Fri; 8am-9pm Sat-Sun, as it is now.

Dance Studio 
The dance studio would occupy the 1582 sf space, with the dance room taking up 1200 sf. Remaining space will be a women’s locker room with a shower. (Men will use juice bar’s unisex restroom). A door will connect the dance studio to the juice bar so that instructors can use the juice bar space as reception area. Another door will connect dance studio to juice bar kitchen.  A 400 sf mezzanine will be used as storage and office space.

The dance studio would be open 24 Hours, as it is now.

Redneck Bistro and Cabaret
Since the dance studio is connected to the juice bar kitchen, it can double as a bistro and cabaret during evenings when the dance studio is rarely used (typically Saturdays and Sundays).  Something similar to Can-Can and The Pink Door, both of Seattle, where diners enjoy risque cabaret shows. A cabaret group and two bellydance instructors already use the dance studio to rehearse and teach classes.

Redneck Bistro will serve redneck (ie peasant) food from around the world: from American pig’s trotters to Caribbean oxtail to Chinese chicken feet. Most of the food, actually, will be familiar to most, such as pot roast and collard greens and sashimi. But each meal will contain 1-2 items that’ll challenge most people’s palates and boundaries, such as fish ice cream and caviar milkshake. Just enough “weird stuff” to make the experience fun instead of intimidating.

There’ll be seating for ~30 people.  It’ll be open 6pm-9pm, Sat-Sun.


  • Sufficient dedicated parking for juice bar from 10am-6pm Mon-Fri.
  • Sound proof walls for dance studio so dance studio sounds can’t be heard from yoga studio.


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