Frequently Asked Questions XVII


Is it true the owner tried to stab a customer to death with a carrot?  
Who told you that?

How do people react when they’re charged the $5 Idiot Tax?
Fucking pissed.  

How are you still in business?
on’t know.

Why would the owner defend McDonald’s?  link here  
So people take responsibility for their problems instead of blaming convenient scapegoats.

Where did Roxanne G. learn to troll?
She participated in rap battles starting in middle-school.

Who are the greatest trollers of all time?
Socrates is the grand-daddy of Western trollers, known for his epic comebacks. Nietzsche is my favorite, he was Eminem before Eminem. Eminem is another great one.  Jesus Christ is up there, the way he dissed the Pharisees is legendary.  Schopenhauer wrote a great manual (The Art of Controversy).  Milo Yiannapolous is entertaining but hasn’t reached level of the great ones.


Called Hegel a “flat-headed, insipid, nauseating, illiterate charlatan.”


You offer gift cards? 

Are you going to sell more cacao? 
Yes, and we’re going to offer more affordable version.  Won’t have the fancy packaging but it’ll cost less.

Where can I get turmeric that’s affordable? 
We sell it for $10/lb. Or go to JD’s Market on 44th and 200th, Lynnwood.  That’s where we get it.

What’ so great about turmeric? 
Reduces inflammation as well as leading anti-inflammation drugs without the side effects.

Do you offer gluten-free gravy?
Yes, it’s a special order.  We make it with cauliflower.   If there’s something you want that’s not on our menu, ask. You’ll be surprised with what we can make.

Health and Obesity

Why does owner think verbal compliments are the gateway to obesity and heroin addiction? 
Vacant gratuitous compliments are like empty calories: they provide short-term pleasure but long-term pain. When the addicted experience withdrawal symptoms, they’ll use food to make up for insufficient verbal compliments.  When food isn’t enough, they use heroin and other drugs.

Some think it’s polite to give vacant gratuitous compliments.  It’s not, it’s similar to those who say they’re packing love when they pack a school lunch full of empty calories for their kids.  Or giving candy to a kid to shut him up.  These addictions didn’t start with food and pharmaceutical companies, they started at the earliest stages of life.


Dude giving candy to kids — polite nice guy or creeper?


Does NPR provide balanced news?
As far as American mainstream media goes, it offers the most balanced reporting.  

Does it lean left or right?
NPR promotes conservative personal values and, paradoxically, left-leaning social politics.

What do you mean? 
Typical NPR listener is upper-middle class and they love it when NPR features variations of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule and Carol Dweck’s grit and resilience philosophy.  Put simply, they value for themselves *hard-work over talent,* never allow themselves and their children to make excuses, and put in 60-80 hour work weeks.  Yet they allow those less fortunate to make excuses (and often make excuses for them) and to think that talent trumps effort, and support policies that infantalize them.

Why do they expect less from the less fortunate?
Modern day noblesse oblige.  Nothing generous or noble about it.











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