How to Cook Like a Racist

Political indoctrination works like sexual harassment and rape.  How it happens in school:

  1. Bring together a bunch of people, the younger the better because they’re more impressionable and most don’t know what the fuck is going on.
  2. Convince them that they need to get good grades if they want to live a good life.
  3. Tell them what to think.  Assign work.  Ask them, for instance, “Why are fat people fat?”
  4. Grade assignments.  Good grades go only to those who agree with teacher.  Bad grades to those who disagree.  For instance, say teacher believes fat people are fat because of income inequality (as many Sociologists do). Kid who grew up with fat people disagrees because he’s seen them routinely choose Snickers bars instead of the more affordable apple — he gets a C and is told that his experiences are anecdotal and therefore mean jack shit.
  5. Repeat process until nobody trusts their own eyes anymore.
  6. Some who disagree will say “fuck this, I’m out” and are then stigmatized as losers (drop-outs). The rest learn to agree even when they disagree because they now feel worthless and are too scared to do otherwise.

That’s how political indoctrination works in the social sciences and humanities. It’s sick and twisted and there’s a big difference between getting students to understand what they don’t understand versus forcing them to internalize ideology that dulls their instincts and violate their core values.

How Harvey Weinstein sexually harasses and rapes women:

  1. Bring together a bunch of women who want a career in the entertainment industry. Younger the better because they’re more impressionable and most don’t know what the fuck is going on.
  2. Convince them that he alone has the power to make their dreams come true.
  3. Ask them to show him their genitals.  Ask them to touch his genitals.
  4. Those who do as he says are given new social connections, connections they actually could’ve acquired on their own.
  5. Repeat process until they no longer trust in their own ability to make their career happen
  6. Spread false rumors about those who refused to be sexually harassed and raped.

Some are thinking that this is a bad analogy because some people really believe what some teacher wants them to believe.  Sure sure, Annie by 10th grade already had a feeling that she’d be poor for the rest of her life because deep down she knows she’s a lazy shit so was primed to accept lame excuses about her sordid future. That’s why she majored in Sociology.

Annie isn’t any different from Tina, who enjoys the attention she gets when sexually harassed and her ass beaten red while called a “dirty whore” because she still has Daddy issues she picked up in Psychology and Women’s Studies classes. And just because Arlene has rape fantasies doesn’t mean she wants to be raped any more than Vijay the pre-med student wants to spew bullshit about the social construction of medical knowledge that no medical doctor takes seriously, just to get a good grade so he doesn’t ruin his chances of getting into medical school.

Thug Kitchen Cookbooks

Here’s what someone said about the Thug Kitchen cookbooks (which we sell):

These aren’t just recipes peppered with swear words, these white authors are taking their syntactic cues from African-American Vernacular English, then making the choice to add the vulgarity, the ignorance, the allusions to crime and police, the “thug” label, etc.

Another comment:

…what’s racist is white people using that language to personify a “thug” archetype. If you’d ever heard how these authors really speak it’d be clear to you that the voice they use for their recipes is a mockery that has nothing to do with their lived experience.

From another:

Seems that unexamined white privilege making safe and profitable for white folks to appropriate is the main thing enabling this kind of anti-black corporatist violence. As a vegan, if you want to invoke any kind of moral claim about your diet don’t do it while supporting these authors.

Are they racist?

Bon Appetit Pho Controversy

Bon Appetit featured a White chef showing audience how he likes to eat pho.  Here’s what people had to say about that (which got the video removed, sorry can’t show it):

“Columbusing at its finest.” (as in Christopher Columbus)


“Yes, technically it’s okay to showcase white chefs who are making cuisine from a different culture, but understand that this is a sensitive topic and act accordingly and respectfully!!!!

“PLEASE I expect more common sense than to title a video with a command ordering people how to eat this foood!!!!!!!!! BE BETTER CULTURAL PRODUCERS.”

How to Cook Like a Racist

We first need to determine if you can cook like a racist.  Use guide below to see where you’re at on the hierarchy of the oppressed.

White -1 point
Fancy Asians (those from nations that have hosted Olympics) 0 points
Jungle Asians (those from nations that host diseases) 1 point
Brown Hispanics 3 points
White Hispanics 1 point
Black 4 points
Light Skinned Black (use brown paper bag test) 3 points
Native American 5 points
Gay 3 points
Transgendered 4 points
Female 1 point
Male -1 point
Poor 2 point (0 points if straight White male)
Obese 2 points (-2 if straight White male)
Muslim 2 points
Jewish 0 points
Christian (including Catholics) -1 point

*Note, Fancy Asians versus Jungle Asians is an Ali Wong joke we’re borrowing.

*No cheating!  Just because you’re a White male who has watched gay porn doesn’t qualify you as gay. Need to lick dick at least a dozen times to qualify.

*If you’re ethnically Chinese from any of the jungle Asian nations such as Indonesia and Vietnam, you count as a Fancy Asian.

*Sorry European Jews, you’ve been White since 2003 (according to the Village Voice).

Add up your point total.  Where you stand:

10 plus points: You can’t be racist.  Cook whatever you want.
6-9 points: You can’t be racist except to non-Whites.
1-5 points: You can be racist.
0 points or less: You are a racist.

  • If you scored 0 points or less, you should not be cooking because all of your cooking is racist.  You should be sent to re-education camp.   One year per point.
  • If you scored 1-5 points, you can only cook White people food or food from your ethnic group. Do NOT cultural appropriate from other cultures, unless it’s White culture. You can’t tell other people how to eat this or that.
  • If you scored 6-9 points,  you can cook White food, food from your ethnic group, and food from other ethnic groups as long as you receive written approval from a representative of that ethnic group or they’re cooking it with you.  If you’re White, you can tell non-Whites how to eat White people food but you still can’t tell non-Whites how to eat their food.
  • If you scored 10 and more, you can cook whatever the fuck you want.

Chinese Cultural Revolution and Why People Complain About Stupid Shit

Look to the Great Chinese Proletariat Cultural Revolution ~1966 to ~1976 to see what happens when this kind of political indoctrination goes unchecked.  Unprecedented turbulence and mayhem: schools and factories burned down, family members spied on each other, people were sent to re-education camps solely for being from the wrong class demographic, or for using a politically incorrect word or phrase, and for not adhering to an artistic style and format. For even eating Shanghai dumplings because that’s an example of bourgeoisie cuisine.  Books and ancient art were destroyed because they were of the Old Society. Recipes were nearly forgotten because people were terrified to cook and eat the politically wrong dishes.

What did it achieve?  Nothing, except more poverty, more violence, more anxiety, shitty food, and tremendous loss of historical artifacts and lives.

What does the Chinese Cultural Revolution reveal about people?  That people are by nature petty, vindictive, envious fucktards.  Healthy cultures check human tendencies toward depravity.  Dying cultures give in to such depravity. And being offended is learned vis-a-vis political indoctrination, it is not a natural emotive response. That’s why young children make rude remarks, they don’t see what’s the big deal. It isn’t until they become emotionally broken that they learn to be offended.

And perhaps China has been on the rise precisely because they gradually got rid of the “political correctness” that nearly destroyed them. Today, in China, you can criticize politicians — including the President and Premier — denounce corrupt officials, write songs about Socialism being bad, make funny commercials that would lead to race riots in the US, and cook whatever you want to eat.  There is no language police in China and their citizens don’t get offended by stupid shit. (Only thing you can’t do is question the legitimacy of the Communist Party).  People can’t be productive and innovative when they’re worried about stupid shit like political correctness.

I realize many Americans — unlike the Chinese who don’t care who they offend as long as it’s not their elders (that’s why they’re considered so rude by Americans) — truly don’t like to offend people. It’s a polite society. And that’s the problem, Americans have a tendency to back down (as Bon Appetit did) when criticized for being rude.  Do not back down, people are responsible for their own fucking feelings, they need to adapt to reality not the other way around. British social commentator “The Dangerous Faggot” Milo Yiannapoulos on American “niceness:”

This week I have been accused of causing “pain and divisiveness.” I should hope so. A terminal disease in contemporary American culture is niceness. Appropriateness and earnestness are this country’s cardinal sins. For three decades, conservatives have been scolded, reprimanded, backed into toothless, diluted positions, robbed of their effectiveness and browbeaten out of their zeal by language-policers demanding “civilized discourse.”

Don’t be fooled, they don’t want a civilized discussion.  They only want an excuse (triggered) to scream in your face, like these Yale students versus Resident Master who is trying to explain to them that well educated adults are not easily offended and can handle it when they are.  .

How to Fight Back

From NPR: Is it OK When Chef Becomes Famous Cooking Another Culture’s Food? White chef Rick Bayless has built an impressive career making and talking about Mexican food. On his critics and how he handles the attacks:

Pashman: “There are also other Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who are like, ‘Screw this guy Rick Bayless.’ So how do you feel when you get that kind of reaction to your work?”

Bayless: “Well, usually people who have that opinion of me don’t want to have a conversation. Those people that say it are usually very political, and they have a mouthpiece and they just go around saying it. And everybody thinks, ‘Oh, lots of people must believe that.’ And honestly, I don’t think they do. I know that there have been a number of people out there that criticized me only — only — because of my race. Because I’m white, I can’t do anything with Mexican food. But we have to stop and say, ‘Oh wait, is that plain racism then?’ “

Two points Bayless makes: most people (at least for now) don’t give a shit about this cultural appropriation nonsense so don’t worry too much about the accusations. And those who are this ideological do NOT want a discussion.  So don’t try to explain that cultural appropriation has been going on for thousands of years around the world and it’s been a good thing because as far as they’re concerned, a straight White male has no right to appropriate anything.  The Dangerous Faggot agrees:

The progressive Left is dedicated to the annihilation of America and every surviving libertarian and conservative person in it. The Left’s gratuitous vandalism of American institutions and its hostility to the principles that have made this country great cannot be fought with essays in magazines. The Left can only win by forcing us onto the uneven playing field of political correctness. I choose war.

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