Alive Juice Bar version 2.0

New space, new game, a lot more at stake.

Version 1.0 was a hole-in-a-wall and a story about survival. Version 2.0 was professionally built and is about exploring possibilities.  Here’s what customers can expect from 2.0.

*Better parking options
* More spacious, sensible, and comfortable customer environment
* Bar seating!
* Cleaner facilities
* Same big-city style service (in suburban location)
* Continued emphasis on space as “repression-free zone”tempered by Puritan discipline (moderation) and work ethic.  A home away from home.

The more professional look will attract a wider range of customers.  Which means there’ll be even more instances of culture clash that will hopefully result in both sides adapting to, rather than antagonizing (as was often the case when “wrong” person wandered into old location) each other.  It’s time for us to grow up, to transition out of the “enfant terrible” phase to building a more established stature.  I’ll know we’ve succeeded in doing so when I get hate-mail accusing me of selling-out.

Another notable feature of 2.0 is that it shares space with a dance studio and a clothing store.  The advantage of combining three businesses in one space is that it saves money: the larger the space, the less the cost per sf.  For instance, a 700 sf space in same complex costs 27/sf; the 3400 sf space we occupy costs 21/sf. To those concerned that nicer space means higher prices: we moved to this space to keep costs down.

This “mini-mall” approach also allows the 3 businesses the grow symbiotically. Let’s imagine the dance studio bringing in 100 students per day who would otherwise not step into the juice bar.  What if 20 of them purchase from the juice bar?  This is a similar set-up to what Century Ballroom and Tin Table have going: dance and then eat and drink, all in one space.

We’re excited about how 2.0 will turn out (always a work in progress).  The possibilities are inexhaustible!

Ordering Guidelines

To keep costs down. To prevent ridiculous and time-consuming Seattle style “no you go, no you go” arguments.


This sets the tone and gets a lot of Facebook shares. Well worth $200.

Lounge ARea

Better lighting, more spacious and comfortable.

Funny people

Are those smiles for real?

Buffet Station

Self-serve area.

Dance Studio

Dance studio.



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