What Your Drink Says About You

Tropical Northwest
You want it to stop raining.

Tropical Bugs Bunny
You want a tropical vacation

Pina Colada
You want to move somewhere tropical

The Iditarod
You don’t know what to order

Winter Berries
You want it to be summer

Popeye’s Secret
You’re in love with Brutus

Power Meal
You’ve dressed as a super hero for Halloween

Liver Cleanse
You’re an alcoholic

You ate eight buffalo wings, two servings of fries, and a whole large pizza last night so you want us exorcise the fat demons that are taking over your body.

Attitude Cleanse
You’re in a bad mood

Green Energizer
You want to be in a good mood

Green Awakening
You want to go back to sleep

Slap in the Face
You’re kinky

Veggie Juice
You’re a good boy/girl

Iw, Gross
You’re a bad boy/girl

Rabbit Food
You’re weird

You like being tied up (nearly all who order this are men)

Winter Tonic
You  want it all

You want a candy bar

Green Margarita
You want us to add tequila to your drink.

You want to be 10 years old again

Kale Smoothie
You are not to be fucked with

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