Two Years Old!

We’ve made it to the 2 year mark!  It’s been an unbelievable learning experience, taught me far more about life and people and the world than any other experience.  It’s fun reflecting on how I and my employees have grown up with the business — we’ve overcome fears and doubts to do things we never thought possible and most importantly, we’ve learned to become responsible.

At this point, the business needs a boss, a real CEO.  More importantly, I need a boss (because deep down, like most men, I’m just a scared little boy who wants to hide in the corner and play with his toys).  A good boss, however, is expensive.  So I’ve been searching for someone I can groom to be my boss.  We may have found one.

This is going to be an interesting year.

Thanks to everyone for helping us reach the 2 year mark.  Thanks to customers who’ve put up with bouts of inconsistency, especially during training periods.  Thanks to customers who go out of their way to market our brand and products.  Thanks to customers for offering to help us fix things, treating the store as if it were your own home.  And special thanks to the employees who’ve put up with a lot of shit (esp. from me).  Couldn’t have made it this far without your charm, smart-ass attitude, quickness, and deep sense of responsibility.  (But remember, you’ll never be good enough).

Kisses, Love you all!

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