Black Garlic Bistro (business plan)


Black garlic (tentative name) will be a farm to table restaurant located at Garden Treasures Nursery and Organic Farm (GTNOF).  It’ll primarily use ingredients from the farm it’s located at and other Snohomish county farmers.

Products for Garden Treasures Grocery Store

Black Garlic will make the following products for Garden Treasures Grocery Store:

  • Jams (various berries and apples, a few mixed with “weird” shit like beets)
  • Chips (Apple, yams, kale, beets)
  • Candied orange peels
  • Pickled asparagus, beets, and cucumbers
  • Hummus
  • Salad dressings
  • Condiments (ketchup, mayo, etc.)

With the exception of candied orange peels, all above items will be made from GTNOF produce, purchased from GTNOF at wholesale price.

Quick-Service Restaurant Menu 10am-5pm

  • Fresh (not frozen) smoothies and juices
  • Salads
  • Desserts (black bean brownies, soft serve ice cream, raw carrot cake, maybe cheesecake)
  • Soups (meat and vegan options)
  • Brown rice and beans
  • Baked chips
  • Beer and wine

Full Service Restaurant Menu 5pm-8pm

Sample of Rotating Tasting Menu

  • Assorted baked chips
  • Yellowtail sashimi appetizer
  • Soup of the day  (meat and vegan options)
  • Pot roast w/coconut mashed potatoes, seasonal greens, carrots, pickled beets, jam.  (vegan option)
  • Seasonal salad, miso fruit dressing
  • Dessert options (same as above)
  • Served with beer and wine options and smoothies with rum or vodka.

Menu will either change daily or weekly.


  • Twenty-four seats indoors
  • Outdoor seating?











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