Frequently Asked Questions #23

Future Plans

I hear you’re closing?
Yes, lease is up October 31st 2020.  We may stay until Thanksgiving.

Why won’t you renew?
Anchor 24 Hour Fitness is moving (they’re 25 percent of our business). We’re also paying 9k in rent per month for juice bar and dance studio.

Where is 24 Hour Fitness moving to and are you moving with them?
New mixed use development where Mountlake Terrace light rail stop will be.  Not moving with them because a)there’s no street parking, only underground parking; b)we won’t operate in what’ll be a construction site until the completion of new development and light rail in 2024.

Are you opening elsewhere?
We’re negotiating for a space in downtown Everett.  It’d be a restaurant (Pot Roast) and a juice bar that becomes part of restaurant during evening (eg. add rum to smoothie).

That’s so far!  Weren’t you trying to move a block away, adjacent to Juicy Power Yoga?
Yes, but we didn’t get the spot. Someone else was able to move in sooner than we could.

Why downtown Everett?
Landlords are mom and pop and I’m getting good vibes from that neighborhood — lots of art galleries and interesting businesses opening up. And rent is more reasonable.

I hear you may be moving to Arlington?
Got an offer to open a restaurant on a farm. We first need to see how much a commercial septic tank costs.

What’s going to happen to the dance studio?
One of the instructors is working on opening a new dance studio.  May not be in the neighborhood though, but close enough.

Why don’t you sell the juice bar to someone so the neighborhood will still have one?
When you go shopping for the juice bar, do you know how many avocados to buy and how ripe they should be?  Guess wrong, and you lose money. Guess wrong enough times, and you lose the business. Juice bars that use fresh ingredients are notoriously difficult to run because of spoilage. That’s why Jamba Juice mostly uses syrups, sherbets, and juice from concentrate.


Is it true that owner writes school papers for employees? 
Who started that rumor?

Did owner tell customer to do something unspeakable with a cucumber?
Define “unspeakable.”

Is it true that there’s black wood fungus in the hot and sour soup?

You ate this if you tried the hot and sour soup.

Did owner chase, with a sword, five people out of the store?

Did Roxanne G. murder Dummy Boy?
No, it was suicide and she had nothing to do with it.


Where do you get your turmeric?
JD’s Market on 200th and 44th in Lynnwood.

Where do you get your coconuts?
Ranch 99, Edmonds

Where else do you shop?
Winco (Edmonds) and Grocery Outlet (Lynnwood); Costco; Country Farms produce stand (Edmonds).

Is Coronovirus affecting ginger prices?
Possibly.  The price recently doubled, looking into it.

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