Roxanne G. Reviews Juicy Power Yoga

Roxanne G. reviews interesting neighborhood businesses. This yoga studio opened December 2018 and is a block away from the juice bar (across street from Cinebarre).

Link to Juicy Power Yoga

I was sad and angry because my Dummy Boy’s wee wee malfunctioned again because he’s been drinking and jerking off too much.  I don’t like that, I don’t like it when his wee wee malfunctions because it makes me feel like that time my ice cream fell off my cone and onto my shoe. Since I have a “growth mindset,” I decided to fix the problem by taking Dummy Boy to hot yoga classes after I read that they make wee wees function properly.  I like that.

Dummy Boy didn’t want to go because he thinks yoga is “gay.”  He changed his mind about going after I put on my new Lulumon yoga outfit which makes my butt and boobs look really good and told him he could call me by my sister’s name after class.  He liked that.  So we went to Juicy Power Yoga because a girlfriend told me that they have showers and foam instead of wood floors to protect our bones and joints. I like that, because without bones and joints, we’d be insects. I don’t like insects, I make Dummy Boy squash them.

We took a Hot Power Vinyasa class and while I had fun and got a balanced and challenging workout, Dummy Boy ended up on his back for the second half of the class because his dummy workouts don’t include deep stretching and endurance training. At first I felt bad for him — Dummy Boys are embarrassed when they get beaten by girls — but then I caught him ogling some of the beautiful butts in sexy poses and didn’t feel so bad anymore because he was having a good time. I like that, I like it when my Dummy Boy is having a good time even if he’s checking out other girls because that’s just the kind of girl I am, I’m not the jealous kind. I give my Dummy Boy “space.”

What I really really like is that when we got back to his place, Dummy Boy’s wee wee…worked again, better than ever!  Thanks Juicy Power Yoga for fixing Dummy Boy’s wee wee and making me the kind of girl I ought to be again. We’ll be back!

I like doing this. And Dummy Boy likes looking at this. I like that, we both like that.


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