Redneck Wedding Reception Menu

Summary: ~100 guests, including some from Florida and Texas.  Casual dress.  Focus is on conviviality rather than formality.  Food and dancing in the woods.  Assuming 10 vegetarians. Palates range from the “scared-of-anything-unfamiliar to “anything-goes-as-long-as-it’s-dead.”

Communication Goals: Couple want to express themselves as laid back, outdoorsy, and quirky; as proud representatives of the Pacific Northwest.

Menu and Service: Menu reflects couple’s identity as Pacific Northwesterners.  Emphasis on Pacific Northwest ingredients, cuisine and hospitality.  Self-serve table for pre-reception.  Coursed family style for sit-down meal.

Pre-reception hors d’oeuvres

Dungeness crab bruschetta
Avocado bruschetta
Curry marinated “sponge” tofu on cucumber pattie
Laotian style vegetarian spring rolls
Pine-nut and goat-cheese stuffed mushrooms

Sit-Down Meal Menu (In course order)

Kale salad w/miso dressing, peaches
Grilled cedar smoked salmon
Asparagus and chantrelles
Flash grilled whiskey marinated, hickory smoked New York steak
Oregon shrimp salad w/garlic dressing, walnuts and apples
Grilled honey mustard baby back ribs
Cucumber, rice vinaigrette

Sweet potato pie
“Raw” carrot honey balls

Pineapple mint iced tea
Two kegs of beer, one dark, one light.

Notes: Fried oysters?  Need to discuss if first draft of Course Order makes sense.




2 thoughts on “Redneck Wedding Reception Menu

  1. Kenneth Nunnemaker

    I know this is old, but damn. This does not sound like a redneck wedding. Not even one here in the PNW! I wish using the local seafood and vegetables. But crab bruschetta? I get some are vegetarian. Glad not the one I’m doing. I came to the internet looking for redneck wedding recipes. My nephew and his fiancé want a redneck wedding. Hope all went well.


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