Closing Procedures (For Employees Only)


1. Clean back stations, sweep back (8pm).

2. Take out trash. Bring trash back if bins are full.  Don’t leave trash outside bins.  If you do (and some are stupid enough to do it twice), you deserve to slip on a banana and have a carrot lodged up your ass.

3. Clean prep stations.

4. Sweep and mop floors. Do not ask customers to do it for you.

5. Turn off rice and beans (9pm).

6. Review credit card tips for errors.

7. Check crock pots (all on warm unless told otherwise)

8. Wipe down tables

9. Break down and wash juicer (20 minutes before close).  You have option to tell customer that juice is no longer available, but encourage him to purchase smoothie or shake instead.

10. Put rice and beans in fridge.

11. Tip out. Clock out.

12. Change sign, lock front door, turn off sign.  In that order.  (muscle memory).  In other words, don’t close store until you’re done with clean-up, even if that means staying open past closing time.  Customers can still pick up food, and you can still make smoothies and shakes.

13.  Turn off music.

14. Make sure oven is off.

15. Turn off lights.

16. Exit back.  Slam door shut.  Get your ear trained to hear that sound.  (Back door has been left ajar).

Note on customers who are still in store: invite them to stay after you leave.  Ask them to leave out back.  Tell them if they d0n’t shut door properly, I’ll terrorize them.  Remind them to leave money for whatever food they take.

Don’t hesitate to rock out during last hour.


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