Avocado Salad (Deconstructed Wrap) Recipe

Our avocado salad is nutritionally dense and filling, high in fiber and good fat.  Animal protein such as chicken can be added if you want more protein. We developed this recipe to get customers to not just like it, but also addicted to it.

Fiber from juicer (we use mostly carrot)
Alive Juice Bar miso dressing (click on link for recipe). Make thick version.
Collard Green
Cooked beans (we use pinto,any bean will do)
Apple (prefer tarter and less mealy varieties, such as granny smith)

Cut apples and cucumbers into bite sized cubes.  Add them and beans and fiber into bowl.  Add dressing.  Mix till you get preferred consistency and taste. This is your chunky sauce.

Slice collard greens into large noodle sized slices. Place them in bottom of bowl. Then add cubed avocado. Top avocado with sauce.  Top dish with julienned beets to make dish colorful, attractive.  The layers serve a purpose, explained below.

We don’t drench the collards and avocado in sauce because it’ll make the dish overwhelming for many. The first bite should be blissful — get you hooked — because the sauce is a mixture of sweet, slightly savory, and a tad too salty. It’s a heavy sauce, somewhat like ranch dressing.  People will get tired of it quickly. That’s why there’s little flavoring added to the avocado (just whatever residual flavors that drip down from chunky sauce). We want to highlight the savoriness of the avocado.  Avocado be difficult to eat if it’s also sweet and salty, it’ll be sensory overload. The collard won’t be flavored at all because by the time the avocado is finished, eater has had enough fat, salt, and sweet. Any more and they’ll get sick of the dish.  Collard functions as a palate cleanser.  If we didn’t have it there, the salad wouldn’t be addictive, enough so that some will purchase it every day for weeks.

Strong to subtle to refreshing/cleansing.  That’s the experience we’re trying to give customers.




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