Gluten-free raw carrot cake recipe

We try to use as much of the juice fiber as possible.  It’s a waste to throw the fiber out and our goal is to someday use all of it.  To make our carrot cake — a high fiber dessert treat —  we take the carrot fiber (you can also use fiber from other sources) and bind it with raw honey.  We add cinnamon for taste.  Just mix it together.  Add just enough honey so that it binds well.


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You can hand roll the mixture into bite sized balls, as we once did for catering event, or into a patty, which is how we offer it in the store.

The Frosting

The frosting is made from almonds.  Put almonds in blender — in this case, any blender will do, it doesn’t have to be high end — add a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and ginger, enough so that it blends.  You can make it runny or thick, whatever suits your taste.  Experiment with amount of ginger and lemon.  We generally don’t sweeten the frosting with apple juice or orange because we like the contrast between the savory tanginess of the frosting with the sweetness of the cake.  Pour the frosting over the carrot cake, as much as your taste prefers.

We’re not providing exact measurements because we don’t use measurements.  We just want customers to get a basic idea of how to make it and let them adjust the proportions to their taste.  Enjoy!


Above is carrot cake with cucumber topping.  Adding something green, like a sprig of parsley, adds to attractiveness of finished product.

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