Gluten Free Quiche Recipe

Pac Man Quiche.  Note the prominent cro-magnon underbite.

We’ve been wanting to make a gluten-free quiche that’s fibrous, high in protein, and firm enough for customers to eat by hand without making a mess.  To keep cost low and to reduce wastage, the recipe leverages existing ingredients such as baked yam, beans, and fiber from juicer.

Each pie contains 4 large eggs, half cup of juicer fiber (mostly carrot), half cup of beans, half cup of baked yam, half cup of cheddar, quarter cup of olive oil, and a cup of onions.  Pinch of salt, a teaspoon of pepper. Garlic optional.  For smoother and richer texture, mix gently.  For firmer texture, mix longer at high speed in blender.  Be sure to mix onion and olive oil (and garlic) first.  Then add beans, yam, and eggs.  Fiber last.  We do it this way so mixture doesn’t clump, get stuck.

Pour in pan, cook at 375 degrees until top is puffy and brown and smells right (15 minutes? We don’t time cook).  Let it cool in 68.02 degree filtered air for 17.375 minutes, or until density of the texture reaches its maximum at a N2/CH4 ratio of %2.5.  Anything more in density is unacceptable, a disaster.  Don’t fuck with the recipe.


Note the likeness of Gandhi in the filling. Also note the unusual angle of the slice.

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