Business Partner Profile (Politically Incorrect Version)

Seeking business partner who is hard working and passionate about and dedicated to making available healthy nutritious yada yada…alright, let’s cut the trite bullshit and get to what really matters.

Work Ethic and Passion
Has worked at least 60 hours per week continuously for at least a year, at some point in life (school counts).  It’s unlikely someone who has never worked such hours can suddenly work 80-100 hours a week.

Doesn’t waste leisure time, uses entertainment for education, not escape.

Doesn’t work for vacation, retirement, or security. Works solely to realize a vision.

Sociopaths preferred.  (Need a balanced ticket).  Asperger’s not ok (not a good business for Bill Gates types).  ADD ok.  Hyperactive a plus.  Anyone who gets sick more than 3 days a year doesn’t have the mental toughness to handle the pressure. I won’t work with anyone who can’t scare the shit out of me.

Prefer those who have experienced deep humiliation, rage, and shame.  Deep feelings of hate and fear optional. Also prefer those who have competed against or have been exposed to high level competition, such as attending a top school or playing on state championship team or performing at Carnegie Hall.

Values must be rooted in some variation of New England Puritanism (see Max Weber’s Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism).  Strong preference for those of Mormon and Mennonite faith.

High school drop outs preferred.  Also prefer those without MBA.  For those with college education, prefer graduates from top schools — Ivy League, Seven Sisters, Potted Ivies, MIT, CalTech, etc.  Unlikely to work with anyone who graduated from Duke University or Bard College.

Must have a track record of self-education.

Age, Gender, and Sexual Orientation 
Lesbians preferred.  Prefer woman over man.  Keep in mind that like most sports, this is a young person’s game.  There have been professional athletes who play at the highest level until they’re 50.

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