Multiple Choice Version of Application

Seems that many are having trouble with open ended questions.  So, reconstituted application questions, now in multiple choice format.  Still have a couple open ended questions so we can assess writing and logical reasoning skills.

Earthquake during math class!  Big enough to topple bookshelves.  Nobody is hurt, everyone is okay, just jittery.  What do you, as teacher, do?
a) Stop class, act jittery and anxious because that’s how you feel.
b) Have students clean up mess and continue class as if nothing happened.  Assign double amount of homework and quizzes for rest of the week.
c) Stop class, bring in school psychologist to discuss how everyone is handling the event and “post-traumatic stress disorder.”

How many hours a week does the CEO of Walmart work?

Fight in the Kitchen. What do you throw?
a) Hot soup
b) Butcher Knife
c)Last month’s receipts and bookkeeping records

Why are you so lazy?
a) I’m not lazy.
b) I don’t have enough responsibilities.
c) I have chronic fatigue syndrome.

Why are you so lazy?
a) I get stressed out easily.
b) I’m self-centered and self-absorbed, so I don’t like making sacrifices for others. It’s too much work.
c) I like having fun.  I need rest and relaxation.

Why are your friends boring?
a) They’re not boring.  They’re a lot of fun.
b) They never want to try anything new.  They talk about and do the same things over and over again. They’re really conventional.
c) I don’t know.

Why are you so lazy?
a) I daydream a lot.
b) I get anxious and stressed easily.
c) I make excuses and blame others too often.

Kofi Annan is:
a) Select grade coffee bean found along Owa Tagu Siam river, used by locals for medicinal purposes
b) Some black dude with cool name.
c) Some white rapper whose real name is George Smith

Why are you not special?
a) I am special.  My mom thinks I’m special.
b) I haven’t done anything extraordinary.
c) Everyone is special.   We’re all unique.

Paul Ryan
a) Looks like Anthony Wiener
b) Is a renown health food guru with his own TV show
c) Is a dickhead.

Are you good at researching facts?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Don’t know, you tell me.


Mary hires Peter and Paul to dig two ditches, assigning one to each.  Peter finishes in one hour because he used his latest invention, the super-duper soil remover zapper.  Paul, using a shovel and hard work, finishes his in 8 hours.  How much should Mary pay Peter.  How much to Paul?  Who should she hire if she wants a third ditch?

Person A from age 5 to 25, attends school 6 hours a day, studies 4 hours a day, spends 6 hours of leisure time learning to build and building, with like-minded friends, random things, like a tree house, a bridge, a dog walking robot. A also spends an hour per day daydreaming of building something that will improve world’s standard of living. At age 25, he graduates with a Masters degree in electrical engineering and is offered a salary of $150,000 to work as a product developer for a green tech company. He gets 3 weeks vacation, full benefits. He accepts the position and works 60-80 hours per week, and is expected to be available for phone calls and e-mails during his vacations.  He pays Federal Government 30 percent of his earnings.

Person B, from age 5-25, attends school 6 hours a day, studies 1 hour a day, spends 6 hours of leisure time passively watching TV shows and films like Jersey Shore and Twilight, 3 hours a day daydreaming about being wealthy and pampered and adored by everyone. At age 25, he graduates with a degree in Socks, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. Unable to find a job in his field of study, he takes a job as a cashier at McDonald’s, making $10 per hour, 40 hours per week, or $20,000 for the year.  He doesn’t have to pay taxes.

Let’s assume one of them is “underpaid.”  Which one and why?

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