Business Partner, CEO Trainee Wanted

In order to expand, I’ll need a business partner, a CEO in training.  Business partner should have 30k in cash to start an Alive Juice Bar franchise.  I provide consulting, human resources, menus, and marketing vision to get second store running.  I would have no ownership of second store.  Partner will be trained to manage the store and business and will be expected to work on the floor at one of the stores 365 days a year for at least two years.  Should have extensive experience working 80-120 hours per week, with nearly all leisure time devoted to exercise and education (eg. reading appropriate books, exploring culinary trends).

The purpose of a second store is to test the reproducibility of products, workflow processes, and supply chain tactics at a different location under different management.  If we can duplicate and refine products and processes at second location, then we’d consider a partnership and open a third store together.  Purpose of third store is to test leadership skills, to see if stores can run without our near constant presence at each.  If none of the stores fall apart, then we’d consider investor funds to open more stores, to expand quickly.  Like two per year, with one of us handling expansion, the other focused on day-to-day store operations (most likely me).  Can also explore entry into other business areas, such as school lunch products and services.  Or online recipe and grocery list generator.  Or even the grocery business, especially if it simplifies supply chain processes for all Alive Juice Bar locations. Whatever gets people to think that living well doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and work. Anything to challenge narratives that insist that healthy living is available only to the wealthy (eg. Whole Foods).  The medium is irrelevant, the possibilities are endless.

Trying to create a balanced ticket.  Don’t have requirements, but have preference for:

  • Woman, esp. lesbian.
  • High school drop-outs.
  • Those without business degree.  Business is too small for that kind of book learning to be useful.
  • Degrees in Math, Physics, Philosophy, Engineering, if college educated.

Brand is blue-collar libertarian intellectual.  We’re like a 10 year old white Toyota Camry with The Economist and The Nation strewn in back seat, an onion wedged between seats.  We’re not pretty, and we don’t intend to be so, but we get shit done as cost-effectively as possible.



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