Intro and Description of Upcoming Book: White, Whiny, and Woke: the new face of the KKK

Book Description

Wonder why the Woke are so White, even though being Woke started off as a Black movement? Who are the Woke, how do they think, and what do they *really* want? White, Whiny, and Woke answers these questions and argues that being Woke isn’t a youthful phase, it’s a crippling lifestyle that’s similar to that of the KKK in the 1920s. This book proposes that White Wokeism has its roots not in the original Black Woke movement, but in the self-esteem movement that started in the 1970s. And American racial dynamics have changed because of this, it’s no longer Whites versus People of Color, as evidenced by the increased popularity of Donald Trump among Blacks and Latinos during the 2020 presidential election. The prevalence of White Wokeism is evidence that America is no longer divided by race and class, but by ideology. Read this book to understand how America is now a post-racial society, despite Woke insistence that it’s as racist as ever. You should also read this book if you want tools to protect yourself and your loved ones — children especially — from becoming White, Whiny, and Woke, regardless of your race.

The author is well suited to answer these questions because he’s been pissing off Woke dipshits for half of his life, first as a doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Washington, the rest as the owner of Alive Juice Bar and The Soup Nazi Kitchen, both located in downtown Everett, WA. The opening of the latter resulted in a drive by shooting by Antifa and death threats, hate mail, and review bombs by Woke dipshits.


Look to the past to understand the present.  From history and cultural anthropology, we learn that as social structure evolves — feudalism to capitalism, for instance — social codes and archetypes from one era reappear in another in a different form. Example: Aunt Jemima, year 1900.  She’s loved by White people because she takes good care of them.  Mammy, the “house nigger” archetype. Oprah Winfrey, year 2000.  Same shit, different form.  Look at her audience — mostly middle-class White women. Oprah is their Mammy, telling them which books to read, which diets to follow, and which causes to get worked up about. The only difference is that Oprah makes coin because she lives in a more advanced stage of capitalism than did those who represented Aunt J in minstrel shows a century ago.

History repeats itself, especially when it’s studied, because those who study it are prone to narcissistic delusions about their wisdom, knowledge, and righteousness.  Such arrogance invariably leads to the same mistakes made in the past.  That’s why the US spent 14 years occupying Afghanistan – the graveyard of empires – after watching the Soviet Union fail at the same endeavor.  The chronically delusional American is particularly enamored with entreating others to be “on the right side of history.”  That’s because human nature doesn’t change.  People remain the same – narcissism is our original sin — regardless of time and place, technology and mores.  Culture (social training) can mitigate certain behaviors and influence outcomes, but peek beneath the veneer of civility and you’ll see varying degrees of venality and hubris, cruelty and malice.

That archetypes and institutions from the past reappear in the present is the premise this book is based on.  Here I argue that the 1920s version of the KKK has re-emerged as the present day (year 2023) White Woke movement.   Some say, “how can that be, the Woke are explicitly anti-racist, while the KKK was openly racist?”  But for all their posturing and virtue signaling, are the White Woke anti-racist?  A Black Columbia University linguist, John McWhorter, doesn’t think so, that’s why he published a New York Times bestseller in 2021, Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America.   Wilfred Reilly, a Black professor of political science at Kentucky State University, says: “most people advocating for radical social change on behalf of people of color are not themselves people of color.”[1] The White Woke support policies that most people of color DON’T support, such as defunding the police and the abolition of charter schools.[2] From the New York Times, covering efforts to defund the police in Minneapolis, a Black resident’s perspective:

This was made plain last week when voters rejected a proposal to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a new Department of Public Safety. While many white progressives embraced the ballot measure as a sign of progress, many Black residents like me raised concerns that the plan lacked specificity and could reduce public safety in the Black community without increasing police accountability. The city’s largest Black neighborhoods voted it down, while support was greater in areas where more white liberals lived.[3]

What does this misalignment of desired policies between two allegedly allied groups reveal about the White, Whiny, and Woke?  Do they really want what’s best for people of color, do they care about liberty, justice, and equality, or are they more concerned about their own sense of self in relation to the lofty expectations of themselves – pushed by the self-esteem movement — that they’ve failed to achieve?  Do the White, Whiny, and Woke even care about non-Whites and the poor, or do they only care about inflating their sense of self vis-à-vis virtue signaling, similar to those who joined the KKK in the 1920s?  Do they care more about obtaining power for themselves, or empowering those in need?

Eugenics was the rage and racism was socially acceptable during the 1920s.  That’s no longer the case in the 2020s, how many Americans do you know who are okay with being called a racist?  Today, in 2023, calling someone a racist is like calling someone a pedophile.  So-called racist groups like the Proud Boys – a multiracial and gay friendly fraternity that celebrates Western civilization — take offense at being called racist.  Point is, one can’t virtue signal to the broader society by declaring oneself a racist anymore.  But one can virtue signal by declaring oneself an anti-racist on the lookout for racism and racists.  The context has changed, so what does it mean to say that human nature remains the same this time around?

Do you think that most members of the 1920s KKK would, if reincarnated to live in the present with the same socio-economic status as before, still be members of the KKK?  Or would they express their grievances by aligning themselves with a cause that’s socially acceptable today?  Who and how many people living in the present would join the KKK if they lived in the 1920s?  Keep in mind that the 1920s version of the KKK primarily consisted of lower middle-class White Protestants who lived in the Midwest (in 1924, 40% of all KKK members lived in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois) and the main object of their ire and harassment were Catholic immigrants.  They didn’t like Jews, Blacks, and the Chinese either, but their principal focus was on curtailing immigration from Catholic and other non-Protestant lands, ostensibly because they believed that these immigrants were corrupting American society but on closer examination, it’s because they believed that the newcomers were depressing their wages.  So the main source of their grievance was *economic*, just as I propose it is today for the White, Whiny, and Woke, who are also mostly White lower-middle class and angry about their prospects for the life they think they deserve.  America has changed a lot over the past 100 years, but the same grievances remain – loss of willpower to live a better life in face of rapid economic and technological changes.

My aim here is to show that the White and Woke are, in fact, Whiny as a spoiled lapdog that hasn’t been coddled for a day.  And that whininess shows that their goal isn’t liberty, equality, and justice for all – the ideal hallmarks of American life – it’s to justify their failures in life.  Similar to the KKK of the 1920s, the White and Whiny become Woke not for moral or ethical reasons, as they claim, but to make sense of their failures as White people, the so-called privileged race.  If White people are privileged, then being White and lower-middle class is nearly as bad as being Asian and the dumbest kid in school.  There’s no sympathy or affirmative action, White losers are free game to be fucked with, especially if they’re men.  A few respond by becoming White supremacists.  Others work their way out of White loserdom by working harder to improve themselves instead of changing others and are proud of their working-class roots and lifestyles.  And then there are those who lash out by becoming anti-racist crusaders who deny their Whiteness by aligning with racial minorities and neo-Marxist academic influencers in an attempt to elevate their status from losers to the intellectually hip oppressed.  Would that explain why so many White, Whiny, and Woke with Anglo surnames claim to be Jewish?

What of the Woke who’ve achieved a modicum of success?  And aren’t the Woke the cultural elites in the media and academia?  They’ll be discussed as a separate group, as the influencers who’ve created and guide the White, Whiny, and Woke, who are mere pawns in the culture wars.

That said, the White, Whiny, and Woke aren’t merely products of neo-Marxist influencers from academia.  They’re also the result of the self-esteem movement that began with Ayn Rand’s boytoy, Nathaniel Braden when he published The Psychology of Self-Esteem in 1969.  It’s the convergence of the American neo-Marxist philosophy and the self-esteem movement that created the White, Whiny, and Woke.  And it’s the self-esteem movement, not Marxism, that has caused the most harm.  Marxists from other parts of the world aren’t whiny and obsessed with issues such as gender pronouns, okay?  And surprise, I actually think that Marxism is a useful counterpoint to capitalism and that without it, we’d get a much uglier version of commercial enterprise.  The self-esteem movement, on the other hand, is narcissism rebranded as a virtue.  Combine narcissism with Marxism and you get a neo-Marxist doctrine that’s as pernicious and debilitating as 1920s KKK ideology.

Part I of this book asks: Who are the Woke?  Chapter 1 sketches the Lives and Lifestyles of the White, Whiny, and Woke.  What are their jobs, how do they spend their leisure time, what are their morals, what do they think about?  The Lives and Lifestyles of the Woke Elite is the topic of chapter 2, a glimpse into the logic of Woke academic thought.  Chapter 3 is a quiz to gauge How White, Whiny, and Woke Are You, regardless of your race.

Part II – Woke Philosophy – expounds on the intellectual history of White Wokeism so you know where they get their ideas from.  This section begins with Chapter 4, Black Woke, which traces the African American origins of the term “Woke.”  White Woke, the title of Chapter 5, follows how “Woke” was hijacked by White activists and the academic elite and their reasons for doing so.  Chapter 6, Why the Woke are Obsessed with Nazis and the KKK, is a psychoanalytic exploration of the Woke mindset, which is eerily similar to that of the 1920s KKK.  Chapter 7, Woke Language Translated, makes sense of the terms the Woke use, such as empathy and inclusion, to define themselves and their mission.

The theme of Part III is How to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from Becoming Woke Zombies.  So many have watched in horror someone they know become infected with victimhood mentality, narcissistic rage, and ugly fashion.  This section provides cures for the Woke disease.  One such cure is an understanding of Basic Economics, because anyone who thinks that economics is a zero-sum game and that resources are finite will become Woke.  Chapter 9, Woke Economics, explains how the Woke understand the economic world and why their worldview turns them into dipshits who fuck everything up in their own fucked up way.  Chapter 10 puts the previous two chapters in battle with each other by explaining why Wage Stagnation is a Stupid Myth.  To avoid becoming a Woke Zombie, it’s also important to have a healthy mindset about yourself and others.  So chapter 11 advises you to Change Yourself to Influence Others, which is more effective and healthier than trying to force others to change to suit yourself, as Woke Zombies tend to do.  We end with Chapter 12, Recommended Readings, as cures for the Woke mindset.


[2] The Star Tribune, MPR News, KARE 11 and FRONTLINE, the PBS series, interviewed 800 Minnesota likely voters between Sept. 9 and Sept. 13. 2021. That sample included interviews with 537 self-identified white registered voters and 157 African-American registered voters.  Even though a higher percentage of polled Blacks than polled Whites had an unfavorable opinion of police (58% vs 51% respectively), 75% of polled Blacks did not want fewer police officers, while 14% did.  In a 2018 Bennenson Strategy Group Poll, 69% of Black *Democratic* voters supported charter schools, as did 70% of Hispanic *Democratic* voters.

[3] Black Voters Want Better Policing, Not Posturing by Progressives (Nov. 9, 2021)

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