Politics of Fast Food Wages, Part I. A Modest Proposal

This past summer, fast food workers throughout the nation protested their wages, with some asking for minimum wages as high as $15/hour.  In other words, workers are demanding “living wages.”

Ok.  Before we discuss the politics and morality of fast food wages, consider this proposal.

Let’s pass a law that requires all restaurant owners, scratch that, let’s say all business owners, to:

1. pay themselves a “living wage”
2. provide themselves health insurance coverage.
3. pay themselves time and a half for overtime.
4. work no more than 60 hours per week

Think about such a law.  Does it seem ridiculous?  Where would the money come from to pay business owners who don’t make enough money to pay themselves a living wage?

Think about it.  We’ll review some of your responses in Part II.


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